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Unique Accommodations You Might Look For on Your Next Nature Holiday

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For a holiday to be truly memorable, you want to think about the accommodations you'll be choosing and especially if you want to enjoy nature but aren't keen about sleeping on the ground. Even if you don't plan on staying in your accommodations for much of your trip, where you stay can make your holiday more enjoyable overall, or make you uncomfortable every night when you turn in. A standard hotel room can be good, but something unique can make a holiday one you'll never forget while still keeping you comfortable. Consider a few unique accommodations you might choose for your next holiday that allow you to enjoy nature but keep you from sleeping in a standard tent. 

1. "Glamping"

The word "glamping" is often used to mean glamorous camping, or camping in a tent that doesn't feel like your standard tent. Glamping accommodations usually include larger tents that you can actually stand up in and walk through, and they may have separate rooms, a real bed with an actual mattress and blankets, and even room service with food delivered right to your tent! Glamping accommodations may also include your own private bathroom trailer with a full shower, electricity with a television and stereo, and even Wi-Fi hookup. If you like the idea of tent camping but don't want to sleep on the ground, consider a glamping facility.

2. Tree houses

Tree houses are often built with connecting walkways and may have full electricity with lights and heat, as well as real beds or air mattresses that keep you off the ground and out of a sleeping bag. Tree houses are often found in areas known for their forests or jungles, so you feel as if you're in the treetops and can get a better view of the surrounding countryside from your vantage point. These accommodations may have bathroom and shower facilities with tanks such as you would see in a trailer, or they may simply offer a space to sleep, in the trees and off the ground.  

3. Gypsy caravans

Another great way to enjoy nature without sleeping on the ground is by a gypsy caravan. This type of accommodation allows you to stay in an actual wagon that is typically pulled by a horse, and as part of a caravan or group of travelers. You may tour a certain area with your caravan and then usually create a circle around a group campfire at night. It can be a fun way to travel with a new group while still having your own personal space in a wagon that's separate from everyone else.