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Helpful tips for seniors looking for holiday accommodation

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When travelling as a senior, you may have a set of unique requirements to ensure not only your health and safety, but also your personal holiday enjoyment. If you're a senior planning a holiday, check out these helpful tips for booking senior-friendly holiday accommodation.

Ask about seniors discount

Many motels, caravan parks and other accommodation providers offer a seniors discount in the off-peak season. If you hold a current Seniors Card, you may be eligible for a range of accommodation and transport discounts across Australia. To find current available discounts, consult the Seniors Card website for your state or territory for more information. Alternatively, ask the accommodation provider prior to booking about their policy on providing seniors discount.

Don't scrimp on comfort and convenience

When travelling as a senior, it is important that your comfort and personal wellbeing is prioritised if you are to enjoy a holiday of rest and relaxation. A comfortable bed and place to sit, a safe bathroom wet area, and a quiet sleep environment are vital to many seniors, so if you have specific needs, it is important to find accommodation that provides you with the service you require. If you have mobility issues, ensure that your accommodation does not have stairs and is located close to amenities and local attractions.

Bed and breakfast style accommodation is ideal for holidaying seniors, as you get to enjoy the comforts of home with extra personalised service. For active seniors, caravan and cabin parks offer an excellent range of self-contained accommodation options, and as these locations are popular destinations for travelling seniors, you will also find yourself in a friendly social environment among peers.

Work with a specialised travel agency

If you find the prospects of booking the ideal holiday accommodation challenging, working with a travel agency that specialises in travellers over 55 will help to take the stress out of planning your holiday. By using a travel agent, you can rest assured that your accommodation needs will be met, and you may also get some great advice on booking tours and activities suitable for your age and fitness level. This is a particularly good solution if you have physical or medical limitations that require a little extra assistance- a specialised travel agency will appreciate these needs, and work to find holiday accommodation with assisted care and emergency phone assistance if necessary. 

With a little forethought and planning, you can have a holiday experience that meets all your personal needs and desires.